Upwork is one of the largest sources of freelancers online. They have thousands of freelancers in just as many categories, vying for the perfect freelance position. They report their over-3,500 freelancers earn more than $1 Billion per year in categories like:

According to research, the freelance market is expanding and more than 7.5 million people utilize this platform for work. Needless to say, with such a large number of freelancers, there are bound to be a few bad apples.

While Upwork is not immune to these bad apples, many who have bad experiences are more likely to report them, than those who have good ones. So when you research Upwork and see unfavorable reviews, bear in mind the scale of this extensive platform.

Still, you want those “bad apples” to pass your job postings, so here are some important tips to apply to your Upwork posting, that can lead to great results.

Concise Title

Your title should state exactly what you want in as few words as possible. Freelancers first see the titles of job postings. This is where you set the tone. Be specific because this lets job-seekers know that you are very aware of exactly what you want.


The first few words in your description are what freelancers see when they look at job listings so it is important to be direct and precise in your word choice. Just as with your title, if you are “seeking a qualified freelancer” you are not going to filter out lower-end applicants the way you would if you “need expert in product/task/project for X days/weeks.”


In the job description, include particulars like where you are in terms of your project, history of the project, what your goal is with the project, and the amount of time you plan for it to take. Let the tone of your description match the environment of your company. If you have a casual atmosphere, try to keep your description professionally casual. If the climate of your company is more corporate and professional, be sure your description aligns with that.

Required Skills

Obviously, you want to have someone who is flexible, reliable, honest and has all of the preferred soft skills of a valuable employee but by listing specific skill sets, you narrow the list down further. Be specific in their level of education, experience, and knowledge as well as timeframe if applicable. Try to present these requirements in a bullet or number list format. This lets prospective freelancers know right off the bat if they are qualified for this position.

Often, with such large platforms as Upwork, freelancers use canned templates to respond to job postings. This allows them to apply to multiple postings without really reading through the descriptions and required skills.

The best way to avoid these is to ask applicants to respond with a keyword or phrase. For example, at some point in your job description, indicate you want interested freelancers to respond with a particular word in the subject line. This way, when you receive a proposal from a freelancer that does not include this word or phrase in the subject, you know they did not read your entire post which shows a lack of attention to detail.

And who wants to work with someone who didn’t even take the time to read your entire post?

After you have posted your job listing, carve out some time to browse through the thousands of freelancers available on Upwork. A lot is covered on their freelance profiles such as their job success rate, areas of expertise, rates, and more.