Marketing is a crucial part of any business success. Attention spans are limited, and your audience is bombarded with thousands of messages every day. Whether you are looking to grow your business or maintain your market share, you need to find effective ways to break through that clutter and establish a successful brand identity.

Unfortunately, efforts to get to that point too often get stopped in their tracks. Limited expertise and resources prevent especially smaller businesses from building and executing the marketing strategy they need to be successful. In that case, working with an external partner begins to become a valid option. In fact, here are 5 reasons to outsource your marketing efforts and elevate your brand presence.

1) Specialized Marketing Expertise

First things first: when hiring a marketing consultant or agency, you can rest easy knowing that the professionals in charge of promoting your business know the most effective ways to do so. Successful marketing requires audience and market research, knowledge of the best channels to reach your audience, and much more.

Internally, acquiring that expertise without an insider’s perspective can be difficult. Dedicated marketing professionals, on the other hand, are already aware of the best ways to find and learn about your target audience, and match your individual marketing channels to their interests and preferences.

2) An Outside Perspective

Internal marketing can actually be dangerous. Managers often feel like they know their business best, and build their marketing strategy accordingly. What they don’t realize is the fact that your own expertise is not what matters; it’s how your audience perceives your brand.

That’s what makes an outsider’s perspective so vital in successful marketing. Rather than falling into the trap of thinking you know your business, you get feedback from entities who don’t. The result is a better understanding of not just the market, but also the competitive environment for your business. With that perspective, you can build a strategy designed to actually convince and convert your audience to customers.

3) Success Accountability

What constitutes successful marketing? Most businesses would argue that increased brand awareness along with customer acquisition and retention matter most in evaluating the ROI of your promotional spend. But too often, that return doesn’t actually impact the resources invested in marketing your business.

The same is not true when outsourcing your marketing, particularly when working with an agency. Here, ROI is clearly defined from the onset. Regular meetings and reports can ensure that every effort is done with your core business growth goals in mind. Your partner needs to prove ROI to continue being viable, which helps you optimize your marketing spend.

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing Efforts

4) Access to Technologies and Trends

Especially as we have moved to more digitally-focused marketing campaigns, the environment in which you promote your business is constantly changing. Almost every day, new digital channels and social media networks pop up that deserve attention. Just a couple of years ago, Snapchat – now the preferred social network for teenagers – didn’t even exist.

Marketing effectively is not possible with a set-and-forget approach. Instead, your strategy and tactics need constant updates, adjustments, and edits. That, in turn, can only be successful if the professionals in charge know and can take advantage of the technologies available to build the strategy. Consistent awareness of current trends might be untenable for businesses who are busy just staying caught up, but is an integral part of daily life for dedicated marketing professionals.

5) Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Finally, outsourcing your marketing initiatives can actually save you money. First, it reduces the overhead you need to spend on promoting your business, as everything is facilitated on a project and per-case basis. In addition, most marketing professionals are now dedicated to consistently look for ways to increase spending efficiency.

In other words, outsourced marketing allows you to do more with less. As an added benefit, you get to focus on the core of your business itself, knowing that the promotional aspect is in good hands. It’s a sound solution, especially for businesses needing the growth that marketing can provide without having the expertise or time needed to actually encourage that growth.